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Board of Directors

 New Board members are being recruited for 2016.  Board members serve a 3 year term, each performing duties that are essential to the success of our organization.

If you are interested in serving on the St. Catherine of Siena Board of Directors, please send this information by email to

        2016-17  St. Catherine of Siena, Martinez CA • CYO Board of Directors
Position  Name
Pastor Administrator Fr. Clarence Zamora  
School Principal  Pamela Seto
Board Chairperson  Open
Athletic Director-Basketball Gina Marks
Athletic Director-Track & Field Open  
Treasurer  Open
Registrar  Open
Equipment Manager  Jaime Chaves 
Service Projects Karen Glen
Member at Large/Trophies Carlota Canari
 Member at Large/Web Design
Member at Large    
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