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Coaches Corner

Calling all Coaches! Basketball Registration is open online and our athletes will need coaches to volunteer. Please consider volunteering your time and talent to our children. Thank you. 

New this year- Sign Up Genius! 
Please follow the link to sign up for team volunteer jobs: Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Reps. 
Saint Catherine of Siena CYO Volunteer Coaches and Team Reps

Team Reps! 
What is a Team Rep? A parent volunteer who can act as a liaison with disseminating pictures, trophies and just another set of hands to help with administrative stuff with our teams. Many of our teams have this "unofficially" (those parents who pick up pictures, send out reminder emails, set up team snap.)      
Thank you. 

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All adults volunteering at St. Catherine of Siena CYO are required to complete online training and obtain certification through VIRTUS. To complete the required training and obtain certification go to
VIRTUS Online. 

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